Comic page


My apologies to those of you who read the comic via an RSS reader, if you got flooded last Saturday. I thought I'd fixed the issue with the RSS feed not behaving quite right a while back, and discovered I hadn't. Once I got it sorted, I did some updating and housecleaning on the feed so it'd be in proper order. (The reason the RSS feed wasn't working right seems to have been RSSPect, which generates our feed so I don't have to, changing their tolerance levels for what constitutes an updated page. And then I did a stupid in trying to code in page IDs to override this, and forgot to check to make sure my fix actually worked. Which it didn't. New fix!) The real reason was, on closer inspection and after sending off an email to the nice gentleman handling the RSSPect service, that I ran the page through W3C validation and changed a couple of things based on that. A workaround has been incorporated and confirmed to work.

Also, I added a new banner to our Grapevine page, standard banner format:

Font adjustments upcoming when I have time to dig into the backups of late Zee and grab the font I used in the logo. Because I can't recall which one it was, and the PSD files are in the backup.