About I.C.Q.

I.C.Q. is a free online comic primarily featuring the three roommates Sarah, Toni and Blake, but also touching on the lives of their friends and families. Much of the focus is on relationships and interpersonal interactions, and as such the content will sometimes be explicitly erotic — where soap operas may fade to black, I.C.Q. doesn't. The comic also features some of the concerns, big and small, that come with having roommates or just dealing with other people in general. Online since August 1 2010, I.C.Q. is drawn by Alexandra "quoting_mungo" Malmberg, and written by her in collaboration with Veritas.

Since its launch, the comic has been on a weekend update schedule, where 1-3 pages will be uploaded over the course of the weekend, often spaced out to make sure each update is grabbed by our RSS feed. The exact number of pages any given week depends both on time constraints and on pacing, so that the breaks between update batches remain at least somewhat logical.

About the Authors

Alexandra is (currently) a full-time Web Design student from Sweden, which is also why the comic updates on Stockholm time. Her academic qualifications also include three semesters of university English with a focus in Literature, some programming, and a one-year Sequential Art program.

Some of her major interests include arts and crafts of various kinds as well as reading, writing, gaming, and of course fussing over the closest thing there is to a real-life Mittens: two mischevious ragdoll cats and an over-enthusiastic ferret.

Veritas is something of a veteran in furry fiction, published in anthologies such as Bad Dog Books's Fang, hailing from Canada. When the dialogue in the comic is awesome, it's probably his fault. When it isn't, it's probably because Alex didn't pay enough attention to what he said.