Advertising on I.C.Q.

I.C.Q. currently receives an average of 200 visitors or more per day. In order to reach out to these visitors, you can advertise on the site, which will put your banner into rotation on the site sidebar. Current rates are $5 for three months, rounded up to the nearest following weekend. If you run banner ads on your own site, and you think your visitors may be interested in the comic, you are welcome to instead suggest a banner exchange.

All ads are subject to the creators' approval. Please contact us at and include the following information for our consideration:

Ad banners for mature or adult sites must be clearly marked as such, and may contain nudity. We reserve the right to refuse banners which we deem potentially offensive to a significant part of our readership. If you are requesting a paid ad, you will receive an AlertPay invoice as soon as your ad has been confirmed. Please make sure you pay this invoice no later than two days before your desired start date. If our campaign is time-critical, please make sure you send your email at least 7 days in advance, and PM quoting_mungo on the comic forums to decrease response time.