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Hiccups suck. Inking with the hiccups is an exercise in quick reflexes; feel a hiccup coming on and lift the pen from the paper before it jerks your hand. Fun times, fun times, but you almost can't see I had issues.

Once upon a time, over in LiveJournal-land, there was a little old contest called LiveJournal Idol. And because I'm a fucking dumbass who doesn't know what time management is, when Season 7 started a couple of weeks ago, I decided to join. And just to show how dedicated I am to this comic, I've gotten Sarah, Toni and Blake to jump in and answer the prompts for me.

You can see their posts here, and more will be added as the competition goes on. This is an excellent source of auxilliary information about the characters and the setting. This week, Blake talks about a bit about how species biology works in I.C.Q.-verse, and retells an embarrassing episode from his early childhood.