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Paladins' Haven


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I.C.Q. Through the Grapevine

We realize that many of our readers may not have the desire or ability to make monetary contributions to the site. This is perfectly alright — I.C.Q. is and will always be a free webcomic. While we do not guarantee there may not be material exclusive to donors, or exclusive print material, available in the future, we value all of our readers. Without spending any money, there are several things you can do to support the comic and let us know you enjoy our work!

Talk About It

The simplest way of supporting the comic is, of course, by pointing new potential readers our way. Do you have a friend you think would enjoy reading about the lives of Sarah, Toni, and Blake? Let them know about the comic! However, we ask that you kindly exercise some judgement — even if it is not currently, I.C.Q. will eventually be a definitely adult comic, so please don't try to bring in underage readers or people who are made uncomfortable by sexual content.

You might also want to stop by the forum and discuss the comic with other readers. Forum activity helps let us know we're doing something right, and that people care about our work, which is the best encouragement any creator can get.

Linking Banners

One obvious way to show your support for the comic is to link to it on your personal webpage. In the future our intention is to provide linking graphics for all of the standard ad sizes listed here, as well as any custom sizes used on sites we purchase ad space on, though all of these sizes are not currently available. You do not have to use the graphics to link to the page, and if you choose to use them, we ask that you please download the graphic and save it on your own server if possible.

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Webcomic Listings and Reviews

You may also help the comic gain exposure by creating reviews, voting for, or leaving ratings on one of the webcomic listings it is listed with. In order to submit a review you may need to register with the listing site. It also increases exposure for us if more people subscribe to the comic through these listings.

Wiki Articles

Another thing you might want to do if you have a bit of time but not much money to spare, and would like to help get the word out about I.C.Q. is improving wiki articles about it. We are currently listed in the English WikiFur, and welcome readers who want to create articles in another language. You do not need to have an account to edit articles on WikiFur. For ideas as to what information might be suitable to include in an article, have a look around other comic articles on WikiFur.