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Although the comic is certainly a shared project, we don't always see eye-to-eye about some aspects of it.

One of these disagreements concerned cats. Specifically, Alex is of the opinion that any cat will, as a natural expression of feline curiosity, investigate any high place, even if it's a place they shouldn't be and which is unpleasantly wet anyway. I, based on my experience with a number of cats in my family and others I've met, thought that any cat who didn't develop an aversion to the toilet - or possibly the bathroom as a whole - was downright silly.

A somewhat more extended struggle was in the form of the singer's name mentioned in this comic. This time around, my option has prevailed: the name Blake has cited is not actually the name of a singer of note.

You are, however, encouraged to speculate about just where the name came from! Seriously, if you think you know who that singer's name is a reference to, feel free to tell us!

I'd like to take a moment to thank those of our readers who have supported us, either by monetary donations or by linking to the comic, and those of you who let us know the comic means something to you by discussing it on the forum or commenting on the pages as they are posted on FurAffinity. We enjoy hearing from you!

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I'm still amazed we've got so many wonderful readers after less than half a year (a week and a half left!).