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Technology can be a very fickle bitch. In this case, she's been fickle enough that I've got a computer that works fine once it's on (or did last I knew) but which sees actually turning on at the press of the power button as strictly optional. And it doesn't fancy that option. So I've been without a computer that can scan, print, or run Photoshop for the better part of a week, and had to go to my parents' to scan and letter this update. Far as I know at this junction, I'll be able to continue to do this, but that means the comic will run in black and white for as long as it takes to get my computer fixed (hopefully no more than a week or two), and I'll be playing catch-up on the coloring once I'm done.

I'll make a note in the commentary once I get back pages colored so no need to worry about missing them.