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Two weeks in a row with three updates! It must be Christmas!

And obviously, I should never, ever be allowed to write commentary late at night. Seriously, though - if all goes very well indeed, we might even hit 30 pages by year's end after all!

Bet Sarah's regretting her recent eagerness to try something new. Toni, on the other hand, finds that aside from that momentary setback, everything is going according to plan! And such a transparent plan it is. Tsk, tsk, Toni. It's not very nice to "offer" something that you don't want people to actually accept.

No wonder Toni didn't want Caesar along, though. Caesar would have insisted on reasonable toppings for at least one pizza(while not being quite so bland as "cheese").

Also, Blake is totally facepalming again off-panel. If nothing else, at Sarah holding a slice of pizza like that and risking icky toppings getting down her, um, top.


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