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The making of this comic involved a healthy dose of panic, as one of my cats (not the Desk Tyrant, but the Magpie, or at least I choose to blame it on her thieving little ass) had decided that leaving the stylus for my tablet in its holder would be a grave sin. Cue me looking all around both of my desks for a stylus that simply Would Not Turn Up.

Two hours later, it fell down onto my computer desk from the shelf above as the cat who gets the blame for the whole episode settled in on top of the scanner for a nap. Mind that I'd already felt around behind the scanner. My mind, it is blown.

Also, that's some nice ass on Sarah, isn't it?

In further comic-related news, I'm still taking suggestions for Halloween costumes and characters to feature them on, come Monday. I recommend surfing on over to this forum thread to leave your suggestion. Or you could comment on the journal about it on FurAffinity. Either will work for our purposes, really.

And in panel 3: Sarah Doesn't Get It. Film at 11.